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Download KPIs For The HR Department by Job or Process
Download our list of KPIs for the HR department segmented by job, department and process.

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The 150+ KPIs for the HR department we've collected over the years.
For over 10 years we have helped companies choose the right KPIs for the departments, jobs and processes. Here is a collection of the KPIs we have found for the HR Department.

These are just a few but we have so much more.
# Avg Days to Recruit
# Employee Engagements
% Adherence to Training Plan
% Succession Plans in Place
% Jobs Profiled
% Employees Engaged & Satisfied
% of Top Performers Retained
# Payroll errors to month
# Payroll Adhoc payments
% Payroll payment accuracy
% Skills Gap
% Personal Capability Training Achieved
% Overtime
% Absenteeism
# Union Complaints

The HR jobs we have KPIs for:
  • HR Admin & Payroll
  • HR Development
  • ​HR Director
  • ​HR Manager
  • ​Performance Management
  • ​Training & Development Manager
  • ​Recruiter
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We have over 1 000+ KPIs to choose from.
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