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Download KPIs For The Finance Department by Job or Process
Download our list of KPIs for the Finance department segmented by job, department and process.

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The 300+ KPIs for the finance department we've collected over the years.
For over 10 years we have helped companies choose the right KPIs for the departments, jobs and processes. Here is a collection of the KPIs we have found for the Finance Department.

These are just a few but we have so much more.
# Days to complete Month End
% Lost Discounts from Suppliers
# Correcting Journals Posted
% Master Data Quality
% Recurring Processes Automated
#Avg Days to Clear Reconciliing Items
% Forecast Accuracy
% Working Capital to Sales

% Lost discounts from suppliers
% Operating profit margin 
% Processes automated / systemised
% Completed projects with ROI
% Projects on time
% Projects within budget
% Automated reporting

The Finance jobs we have KPIs for:
  • CFO
  • Finance Manger
  • ​Financial Accountant
  • ​Credit Controller
  • Cost & Management Accountant
  • ​Accounts Payable Clerk
  • ​Accounts Receivable Clerk
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We have over 1 000+ KPIs to choose from.
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