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Download Supply Chain & Operations KPIs
Download our list of KPIs for Supply chain and operations segmented by job, department and process.

 Look further below to see some examples. 
The 400+ KPIs for Supply Chain we've collected over the years.
For over 10 years we have helped companies choose the right KPIs for the departments, jobs and processes. Here is a collection of the KPIs we have found for supply chain and operations.

These are just a few but we have so much more.

% Unplanned Overtime
% Unplanned Maintenance
% On Time and in Full
% Stock Accuracy
% Credit Notes to Sales
% Service Level Agreement
% Perfect orders
# Units Through the Bottleneck

# Customer Complaints
% Deliveries On Time
% First Time Delivery
% Operating profit Margin
% Customer Survey Score
# Finished Good Days
# Raw Material Days
% Suppliers Meeting SLAs
% Available Rebates Achieved
% Unplanned Downtime

The Supply Chain jobs we have KPIs for:
  • Supply Chain director
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Distribution Manager
  • Buyer
  • Procurement Manager
  • Forklift Driver
  • Truck Driver
  • And More

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We have over 1 000+ KPIs to choose from.
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